"I would like to share that I have had difficulty remembering dreams. I accept the idea that we all dream, I just couldn't remember them unless I dreamed them multiple times, over and over. After placing the Herkimer Diamond enhanced orgone generator under my pillow for a couple of weeks, I found I was remembering bits and pieces. After a longer period, another few weeks, I was remembering whole dreams. Not every night, but more and more. It has been amazing and most gratifying to remember the dreams. Some seem really important with messages and ideas while some are more mundane as last night's dreams were all about doing laundry. I'm not discounting that there is a message there - still looking for it.

Thank you both for introducing me to this orgone generating device which now sits on my bedside table and ever so often, under my pillow."

~ Serena Poisson

"I remember the first time I met Christie, she gave me a small unassuming pyramid shaped orgone generator. It wasn’t much to look at but I could feel its energy. Christie had just started working with orgone generators at the time and her excitement and enthusiasm for this art was obvious. She was experimenting with all kinds of shapes, metals, gemstones and artistic forms, never satisfied with anything less than perfection. Christie was also very careful to make sure her mental attitude was in a good state while pouring her orgone matrix, infusing it with the purest intentions which is just as important to the strength of orgone generators as the physical properties.

I’ve watched Christie progress with her skills over the last couple of years and she continues to amaze me. This girl has poured a lot of orgone matrixes and her continued quest for perfection shows in her creations. You will be hard pressed to find more beautiful work with attention to detail combined with creative flair and infused with the purest intentions. Christie takes pride in everything she makes and it shows in the quality and energy that flows from her orgone generators. You can’t go wrong with any of Christie's orgone generators and the benefits far out way the donations. I have many of her creations in my home and yes, I still have the first piece she ever gave me. It’s on my night stand by my bed. It’s still one of my favorites.

Thanks Christie for your beautiful, energy infused orgone generators. I’m sure it has improved the quality of my life and my friends more than we even know."

~ Dan Pesta

Orange County, California
"Thanks Fred and Christie, all I can say is Wow! The peaceful effects of wearing the Shamanic Healer amulet is amazing. I am more at ease, and more connected to my higher self. I am a Reiki Master and the products you offer are perfect for my clientele. I think you guys are great. I am glad that I ran across your website, although we know there are no coincidences. The products that you offer are wonderful tools that anyone can use to live a well-balanced life."

~ Keisha Price

"Dear Fred and Christie, HOLY MOLY.....what type of energy are you two putting into your orgone generators? I have had my Triskelion Amulet for ONE day and yesterday was theeeee most unreal day of my life and in a good way. Stunning necklace, I have never seen orgone like that. I am so honored that I found you, that I ordered on line, which I never do, and that upon just opening the darn envelope, I was engulfed with the most intense energy. You both do GREAT work and are clearly Star Children of the Cosmos. Cosmic Blessings and Much Love."

~ Cynthia

"I have been fighting a cold for the last couple days. Runny/stuffy nose, cough and sore throat. Nothing else. Well, Thursday night was the worst I was feeling. Slept early, but still, Friday I was not feeling much better. I received the Triskelion Amulet in the evening, around 7pm. I held it my left hand, per your Triskelion Amulet page, and started programming it with my intentions, one of them, of course was to increase my immune system. Within the hour, my energy had gone up and my sore throat was gone! Simply amazing. Today, Saturday, my sore throat is still gone and my cough has lessened. Everybody should have one of these!!!

The other day I got a pretty bad case of heart burn after a rushed 7-11 lunch at work. I told the amulet to cure the heartburn, and in 5 minutes, it was gone! I don't think I'll ever get used to how effective these amulets are.

I also wanted to thank you for giving me a glimpse into your home and where you live. I can see why the Triskelion Amulets are so powerful. You're in the heart of nature, no distractions of the city. These amulets can be made with the utmost concentration and intention. Simply wonderful!

I'm not an energy sensitive person (but I would like to work on that) but I can tell that your Triskelion Amulets are quite remarkable. There's a lot of love and intent going into each one of these. I will be getting another for my sister soon."

Thank you so much. Take care,

~ Leroy
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am after receiving the amulet my son sent me! I was so excited when it came. My back, neck and shoulders were hurting really bad plus I had a monstrous headace. I programed the amulet and about 30-45 minutes later the pain was GONE! I felt so good. I have not felt good for a long time and after wearing this amulet I felt so light I just can not explain how good I feel! I have been battling Hep-C for 30 years now. I got it after having a blood transfusion back in 1978. Next week I start taking the Pegasys/Copegus treatment for 48 weeks and I am desperate to rid myself of this disease with the help of the amulet! I was wearing the amulet when a lady asked me about it, so I proceeded to tell her and she was so so excited because I was the first person she could disscuss orgone energy with! Turns out she is a Reiki Master. Anyway, I have put the little pyramids around Colville, Wa and am hoping somebody e-mails about it. So, again, a big THANK-YOU goes out. This stuff is absolutely AMAZING and I am trying to spread the news."

Best Wishes,

~ Kathy DeMaris
"We bought the Rejuvenator for my mother-in-law back in August. She is almost 87 years old and has had severe osteoporosis and scoleosis for many years, with ongoing pain in her back. Since we gave her the Rejuvenator (and helped improve her diet/supplement use at the same time) her back has improved considerably, and even straightened. She rarely ever feels any pain anymore, so it's been really remarkable. We believe the amulet has been a tremendous help, because she wears it all the time. For Tina, the Health & Wealth has been super and the Protector has been very powerful for me, as well. Your expertise and careful craftsmanship are self-evident in the amulets, and we very much appreciate your excellent work! We certainly all need as much positive energy as we can possibly generate during these times of sometimes overwhelming negative influence."

All the best to you and yours,

~ Timothy
At a time when we were looking for empirical evidence of crystal and gemstone properties...wondering how we would ever prove the effectiveness of these wonderful stones from Mother Nature...our friends from Sedona, Arizona told us about one of their 'rescue horses' which was scheduled to be exterminated, just because it was temporarily handicapped. Ed and Jackie took this unfortunate creature under their wing and applied orgone/scalar energetics technology to help alleviate Moon's life-threatening ailment. Previously we had only testimonials from humans who are not only prone to bias and disbelief, but also to faith and suggestion. Here we had the perfect subject, an animal which was not subject to our verbal suggestions, and if healing took place it could only be due to the metaphysical properties long attributed to the crystals and gemstones within the Power Pendant by countless Shamans throughout the ages.

So we encouraged our friends to use vet-tape and place two Shamanic Healer Power Pendants on her front hooves. These are the results, practically "from the horses' mouth".

"Moon is a 6 year-old Arab horse, about 14 hands high, very sweet horse! She has laminitis so bad that the coffin bone has rotated downwards and has penetrated through the soles of both front feet.

As you can imagine, this is a very painful condition, and she could hardly walk. She came to us that way, she's a rescue horse, but has a strong will to live, so we decided to do everything we could for her.

Drugs help control the pain, but her feet are so sore that we have a very hard time lifting her feet to put shoes on her or take care of her feet. After using vet wrap to attach two of Christie's orgone powered pendants to her legs..."
"...within an hour or two Moon was walking without a limp, and has not limped since."

Ed Carp ~ Sedona, Arizona
Shamanic Healer Power Pendants on front hooves with vet tape
Now Moon likes to jump over fences!
"We wanted to give you an update on the amulets we bought from you in 2009.  We wear them all the time and have had great positive results in our lives, we believe in part directly because of the energies and harmonics derived from your handiwork.  My mother-in-law wears her Rejuvenator everyday, and she has improved in her health from the time she first began to wear the amulet.  Combined with a nutritious diet and the use of structured water, we have used the amulet as a focal point of positive energy to great effect for her.  As a bonus, she has lost a considerable amount of weight over these last two years, and is now at the same weight she was in her 20's.  This is a woman, who broke her hip on New Year's Day 2006--an injury most people don't survive for six months, yet she has now survived 5+ years, we believe in part because of the orgone energies she derives from her amulet.  She will be 88 on her next birthday in June, and there's no reason to think she may yet have many more birthdays beyond this one to celebrate.

My wife Tina also wears her amulets all the time, and feels they have been a tremendous help to her, as well.  She wears the Health/Wealth as her primary amulet, and believes the crystal combination has really helped strengthen her heart and improved her eyesight.  Her immune system is stronger and her health is generally improved.  She also wears her Shaman Healer and finds that the red jasper and mahogany obsidian are indeed a powerful combination for healing and keeping the body at an optimum healthy resonance.  Finally, she wears the DNA/RNA Repair to resist the electromagnetic pollution all around us.  She loves the garnets and she just really enjoys the colors of the stones.  In fact, she says one bonus to each of her amulets is that they can match her clothing for the day and provide these positive energies at the same time--giving her fashion with a constructive purpose.  Wherever she goes, she gets positive comments on the amulet she is wearing.

I myself wear the Protector all day everyday, and I've had great results.  The tiger's eye and blue tiger's eye seem to be very powerful, keeping me in a good place no matter where I go.  I wear the Shamanic Healer to bed and have excellent sleep and deep rest, as well as pleasant dreams.  My health is strong and my spirit is well-directed.

Finally, we just want to thank you for not only the pendants but the incredible work you are doing to effect powerful positive forces around the world.  It is working.  Keep up the good work.

~ Timothy
"I have been a loyal user and admirer of your beautiful and powerful Triskelion Amulets for several years. I first was blessed with your amazing Master Healer amulet and experienced the miracles encoded within. I later bought a Soldier Protection Pendant for my loved one, who is a marine and was deployed to Iraq. We still use the pendant daily to go to the army base in San Diego. Thank you!"

~ Adele
"I received the powerful amulets a week ago and the results were amazing, especially in the aspect of relationships. I asked for the amulets to immediately remedy my mom's heart health but the orgonite discerned to target the root of that. We instantly felt not just a lighter mood but a joyous mood at home that it fostered harmony to flow in - creating a healing environment, which reflected my intent from the Triskelion Amulets.  Every night my mom would ask me to use the amulet to massage her back and instantly she would feel better. Now, she is able to have high energy throughout the day and able to feel much happier even when taking so much heart medications that make her groggy.  I really thank you, Fred, and your family from the bottom of my heart and I will continue to support your cause. God bless you and more power."

~ Patrick
"My family and I have received the Sky Guardian (aka chembuster) and immediately felt its healing power. We immediately felt energy and peace replacing the tension which was constantly around us before. We are extremely grateful for this gift and believe this is the best we have ever received. God Bless!"

~ Veronika
Thanks to all the people and Earth spirits who are helping us spread love, healing and balance around our beautiful Planet!
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"For the last 35 years I have had dozens of lipoma under my skin and all the doctors whom I visited could not explain how they came to be or how to get rid of them without invasive surgery. In fact my personal physician offered to show me his lipoma on his upper arms, so I was disheartened that even my own doctor had them and didn't know what to do about them. Surgery leaves small scars and I did have one removed from my upper left arm for a biopsy which came back as a benign tumor, basically a hard ball of fat under the skin. My doctor advised me that should any of the lumps change; i.e. discolor, get painful, grow in size...that I should see him right away.

At one point years later I had one of the lipoma discolor and get painful, growing slightly larger in size near my solar plexus. He recommended removal and I watched as he did a local anesthesia and expertly cut it out. It looked like an alien parasite from a Sci-Fi movie, about 3 centimeters long. I was very happy to have it out of my body, and the biopsy came back "benign". Whew!

For many years subsequent the lipomas have remained the same, without change. Until recently...when another lipoma on my right chest began to get painful, grow a bit in size and turned purple. However, instead of going to a doctor and getting surgery again, I have these wonderful healing tools called Triskelion Amulets.

The Red Jasper stone in the Abundance Triskelion Amulet has been known by shamans for centuries as the most powerful healers of the crystal kingdom. This stone is especially known for treating all forms of blood-related diseases, including cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. So I began to wear it and programmed the crystals to instruct the jasper to focus only on the discolored, painful lipoma...specifically to reduce the size, remove the discoloration and pain. Funny enough, the amulet hangs right next to the suspect lipoma so the healing effect was quick. The next day the pain reduced and swelling as well. After a few more days it was completely back to it's original state. Just another hard ball of fat under the skin. No need to go to the doctor now and get surgery. And now the lipoma has shrunk down to almost nothing. I'm continuing to wear the Abundance Triskelion Amulet and working on removing the rest.

The key to healing with an orgone-powered amulet is to wear one as soon as any symptoms present themselves and to program the crystals properly. Triskelion Amulets are made with an orgone matrix (resin + metal shavings) and quartz crystals. Then specific gemstones are added for specific healing. I'm very grateful and welcome the healing!"

~ Fred L. Gunn
Weight Control
Immune System
Restful Sleep
Back Pain & Posture
Chronic Pain Relief
Colds & Sore Throat
Reiki Master
Remembering Dreams
Quality Of Life
Our dog seems to be walking a lot farther on his daily walks since he started wearing his Pet Power Pendant.  He was going one or two blocks a day—now he demands to go five.  We are thinking of taking him to China and entering him in the Olympics—dogs over 15 category.  Just kidding. Just so you know, our dog didn’t ever, even when he was younger, want to walk five blocks.  He could go one or two with his bad hip, and then he would just sit down.  So we are really surprised to see him wanting to go five blocks now that he is older!

~ San Diego Pet Owner
Lovey confiscated the Health Wealth Power Pendant which I had purchased for my husband when he mistakenly left it lying on the bed during a shower. Finder's keepers she said, and carried it away in her mouth. She must be sensing some imbalances in her that the pendant can help with. When we approached Lovey to ask for the pendant back she would move to the next room with the pendant in tow. She lays across it to ensure that no one can take it while she's cat-napping. We're amazed at the response our pets have had to Orgone Power Pendants, thank you Christie!

Janet ~ San Diego
Like Moon, Holly is a rescue horse. She had unfortunately been severely mistreated at the hands of her owner and when neighbor's finally called the Sherrif he was able to prevent further cruelty but now had a suffering horse on his hands that no one could get near. She was still terrified of humans in general due to trauma and shock. So the Sherrif called our friends Ed and Jackie who were known to accept rescue animals. The Sherrif's deputies were eventually able to coax Holly onto a transporter and get her out to our friend's ranch where my family and I also lived, in the Guest House.

When Holly arrived she was let out into a fenced off area by herself where she would not feel threatened. Ed then asked us if there was an orgone generator that could help Holly. From our studies of gems and crystals we knew exactly which Power Pendant to use, we recommended the Shamanic Healer and Ed gave me some pointers for approaching Holly. He reminded me that horses have highly developed telepathy skills and if I keep my intentions true, that I would never do anything to hurt Holly, that she will pick up on the message eventually. Just give her some time. Great advice.

I did some customizing on how to attach the pendant to her halter and then strolled over towards her, alone. She was still quite skiddish but was curious about what I was holding out to her in my hand. 'Probably food' she was thinking. After a few slow approaches Holly finally got brave enough to smell the pendant and discovered it was not food. But she stuck around and wanted to learn more. She even licked it like a salt block. 'Hmmm, no taste, but I'm sure this is food of some kind'. And she was right, food for the soul. I held out the pendant slowly to the side of her head and explained that if she really likes it that I would like to attach it to her halter and asked her permission. She stood still and allowed me to tie it on (see close up on the right above). Then she just stood there for a few minutes absorbing the healing vibrations, just chillin' with me. Then I thought to get another person over to improve the trust so I called our son Dillon to bring some hay. He also approached slowly and non-threateningly with only concern and compassion in his heart. Holly accepted big mouthfulls of fresh delicious hay from Dillon and day by day Holly improved until she could be around people again.

Fred Gunn ~ Cornville, Arizona
This Is Moon
Holly After
Pendant Treatment
This Is
This Is Lovey
On September 11, 2010 my family and I visited the main crater of Taal Volcano with intentions of "Gifting" her and one of our photographs just may have captured a UFO which I feel was communicating a message to us. Due to my interest in the ancient Hindu Vedas I recognized this craft as a possible "Vimana" which is described as a flying craft in these ancient poems about the gods. One of the reasons I created the Contact Triskelion Amulet was to help me in my continuing examination of this craft and possible meanings and/or communications. After only a few days of wearing this particular amulet I had an epiphany! Click here to see the photo, my research and evaluations and get the whole story behind this amazing amulet.

~ Fred L. Gunn