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Dillon: There is a massive chain reaction of people waking up all over the world
Dillon: We are connected with everything in this universe on a higher level of existence
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Dillon: The art of fighting without fighting
Dillon: What the unaware call ‘reality’ is indeed an illusionary concept
Engage your natural electromagnetic shield for protection from negative influences
Fred: Are there other possibilities to explain remembering "other" lives?
To insure that your mental, spiritual and physical bodies are in peak condition
Dillon: The optimist needs to and probably does already exist as a balancing force
Dillon: Free Original Illustrated eBook from when he was only 6 years old, Enjoy!
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Fred: Learn to use your powerful minds and transmute the poisons being sprayed with your intentions. Assist the Sylphs (sky elementals) too!
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