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So what is Orgone Energy, and how does it help us to heal ourselves?

Orgone Energy is a term proposed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich more than half a century ago which described a phenomena he "re-discovered". Over the years it was eventually recognized that "Orgone" energy is the Universal Life Force which animates us and everything around us. It has been identified and harnessed by various cultures throughout the history of man and known as; Mana, Chi, Ki, Prana, Huna, and many other names. Orgone Energy Devices (or OEDs) such as those offered on our website transmute Deadly Orgone (aka DOR) into Neutral Orgone (OR) and/or Positive Orgone (POR). Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered that all metal attracts orgone energy, both positive and negative, helpful and harmful, but also immediately releases it. The modern version of OEDs combine catalyzed polyester resin with thousands of little metal particles all attracting POR, OR and DOR at the same time, and then immediately releasing it. As these metal particles are all squeezed next to each other they continuously exchange the energy they have absorbed. This happens so quickly and so many times per second that the rigid, armored DOR gets shaken loose and becomes free flowing healthy Orgone energy again.

When various crystals and/or gemstones are added to the mixture of resin and metal shavings (the Orgone Matrix material), the function of transmuting DOR into OR and POR is enhanced.

The resin in OEDs shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically. This causes the OED to function more effectively as a positive energy generator. Depending upon the purpose of the OED, crystals and/or gemstones may be added because the Orgone transmutational effects also amplify the metaphysical properties of the stones. Some OED applications do not require any crystals to be added.

Crystals have a high concentration of the Universal Life Force (Orgone energy) because of their crystalline nature. Biological beings attract it in large quantities. All living bodies attracts Orgone, or life energy and use and transforms it to its needs, and then releases it again.

For example, a human body has a fine energy structure, described as the chakras (energy centers) and the nadis (energy channels), which transform and guide life energy through the body. They keep the body not only alive, but also healthy. When a being is subjected to trauma, physically, psychologically, emotionally or spiritually, it reacts with fear, and a contraction of the energy system takes place, often locally, at one location of the body. Usually the body maintains this contraction because it does not understand that the trauma has passed. This contraction limits the energy flow in the body, creating an imbalance and weakening. Slowly disease sets in. A human being can unconsciously create an energy structure in their energy field that becomes rigid and obstructs the free flowing life energy. It is like the armor of a knight; it protects the individual against perceived treats. Fears are mostly unconscious drives that originate in the past, but that continue to work in the present. The armor itself is an energy structure, rigid in nature. It can be small and local in a small spot of the body, or it can envelop the entire body, depending upon its nature. The problem is always the same. The armor limits energy flow. It is like a dam that restricts the water flow of a river. It weakens the body or body part, slowly creating disease as microbes will go where the cells are in a weakened state. Eventually the disease will create the death of the body. That is why Dr. Reich called this obstructed, restricted or limited energy flow structure DOR, Deadly Orgone Energy.

One of the main benefits of OEDs that draws people to them is the protection they provide from electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF.  Orgone Energy Devices do not reduce EMF per se, but instead transmute the DOR created by the personal technological device, such as a Cell Phone. Various gemstones and crystals which are added to the Orgone Matrix material in the OED have the genuine properties of neutralizing specific electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) which are the other side of the coin of attack upon our species by these devices.